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October 2019 / / Opera
September 2019 / / Opera
Director: Narelle Yeo Producer: Jeanell Carrigan Psyche is an opera composed by Meta Overman in 1955, that received only a single season in that year, until its revival & re-orchestration at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music by Jeanell Carrigan. It is a retelling of the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche, framed allegorically in three acts, unusually with two singers, two dancers, and two instrumentalists playing the major roles. Psyche dancing with her wings.
July 2019 / / Live shows
Lighting Designer: Stephen Hawker This project involved programming the showfile for an ever-changing show, with a limited rig (20 moving lights) being used to the maximum. Around 200 presets and 350 cues across multiple cuelists. Alongside the lighting programming, I took on the role of electronics developer. I created a custom wireless pixel control system that streamed DMX data to addressable pixels embedded in 7 different battery-powered props wirelessly, and practically instantly.
October 2018 / / Opera